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Second Hand & Vintage – OLD is the new NEW

I believe that having a unique sense of style is important to many of us. To me, this is important on the days I am in a good mood, but the issue is that most of the clothes that are affordable have low quality fabric, and on a daily basis you can see 10 other people wearing the same thing as you. My solution to all of these obstacles was Second Hand & Vintage.

This little boutique has a very small lovely place decorated with paintings that everyone in Prishtina has one of and were usually made by our grandmothers. Some of the shelves are made of crates that I find very creative and there are always two lovely ladies there that are very welcoming and ready to help. Anyhow, the best part if the merchandise: there is always one of each kind of thing, in very good condition, and for very cheap.

At the same time, some of the things that I bought here looked really expensive, such as a Hermes bag that I bought for €4 but was an original. After I saw the TV show BOSSGIRL I thought that would be a good way to flip clothes, because at Second Hand & Vintage you can find many famous brands but then I realized that I am too lazy for that, but if anyone wants to do it here is the idea for free. 🙂 

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Gustav Meyer, Prishtina

Opening Times

10:00 - 18:00 daily


T-shirt: € 1

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