Soul Bar/ Te Xhoni Prishtina

Image by Art Koci

Soul Bar/ Te Xhoni – Funk basement bar

The official name is Soul Bar, but this place is better known as Te Xhoni (Johnny’s) and honestly I have no clue why. The bar opens late, around 22:00, and only flourishes after midnight. The music is strictly funk and soul, with the very rare exception when they play a different genre from the similar era.   

Inside the bar, there is a pretty awesome small collection of old stereo receivers which fits nicely with the DJ who only plays musics on ’80s turntables. In a city conquered by the techno scene in the early mornings, this is a beacon of hope for all the sleepless wanderers who are not in the mood for a rave.

Wednesdays and the weekends are the busiest and loudest — great for mingling with the locals and dancing if that is your thing. For the rest of the days, it is more toned down and you could probably find a place to sit.

I am not sure if this place has a fixed closing time, but it would be safe to assume that it will be the last bar open in the early hours.

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Details about this spot



Robert Doll, Prishtina

Opening Times

22:00 - 05:00 daily


Beer: € 1.50
Last Changed Date: 2016-05-19 11:45:13 +0200 (Thu, 19 May 2016)