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Street Books – Second-hand books

These second-hand bookshops pop up irregularly on the Nene Tereza boulevard. You are guaranteed to see them if the weather is good, sometimes even when it is raining or snowing. Recently, some of the shops have been upgraded into small, wood and glass kiosks, blending in nicely with the boulevard.

Most of the books are in Albanian, but the presence of Serbian, English and German books is noticeable. The range of books varies greatly — you can find anything from airport books to 1930s vintage German fishing books. Most of the foreign books are either bought in from other second hand shops outside the country, or have been donated to them.

The books do not have fixed prices, so bargaining is permitted, making this whole experience more exciting. However, if engaging in bargaining is not your cup of tea, worry you not, most booksellers are polite and will tend to give you the books for a fair price.

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Sheshi Nene Tereza, Prishtina

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