Taverna Tirona Prishtina

Image by Agon Syla

Taverna Tirona – Rakia & meze 101

The Balkans and Rakia go hand in hand! Rakia is to the Balkans, what akvavit is to Scandinavians, whisky to Scotts and vodka to Russians. Therefore, if you visit this region and you don’t take a sip of Rakia, can you really say you visited it? No. You can’t.

Located in an alley literally known in Albanian as ‘rakia cafés’ street’, in Taverna Tirona you can find the finest rakia in town, among other alcoholic drinks. Opened in 2002, Tirona did not undergo any major reconstruction until 2015 when it transformed into a trendy local bar. I have been hanging out at Tirona for years (before and after the reconstruction), and I can say that it has always maintained the same level of coziness and good atmosphere.

Tirona is considered as a place where people kick-start their nightouts by going there to drink (heavily sometimes). If you decide to experience the place as we do, grab a bunch of friends, head to Tirona and order rakia. Tirona offers a wide variety of rakia, either branded or homemade and traditional. Options include plum, grape, pear, cherry, apple etc. Combine it all with meze – small dishes consisting of finger-food such as salami, hams, various types of cheese, olives etc.

Useful Info: although rakia is served in shot glasses, please do everyone a favor and do not drink it all in one sip. You will end up drunk fairly quickly = potential trouble!

Now that you know it all…you’re good to go! Enjoy…

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2 Korriku, Prishtina

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Mon - Thu 08:00 - 00:00, Fri - Sat 08:00 - 00:30


Glass of rakia: € 2

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