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Teatri Oda – Independent theater

Teatri Oda is an independent theater located at the Youth and Sports Center behind the Newborn monument. It was founded through an initiative by Lirak Çelaj, actor, and Florent Mehmeti, director, in 2002. It shows its own productions as well as the productions of other guest theater companies from the Balkan countries, Europe, and the USA. It also holds concerts, movie screenings, and exhibitions.

I saw several satirical plays there and loved the ambience. Carla Del Ponte was one of them, a Kosovar- German performance played by local artists from Kosovo and directed by a German director. Teatri Oda doesn’t have plays every week but when they do, it is mostly crowded. It makes me happy to see such places as Teatri Oda that develops the art and theater culture in Prishtina. They have a small bar inside where you can meet new people and discuss the play with your friends or actors afterwards.

If you are visiting the city and interested in its art life, you should check the program of this theater on its website or Facebook page. Their own plays are mostly with surtitles (subtitles above the stage) and international ones are generally in English. Tickets are 2-4€.

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Luan Haradinaj, Prishtina

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Mon - Fri 12:00 - 00:00


Tickets from: € 2


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