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XPortal – The gamer’s den

A modern design of an intriguing habitat, unlocked about three years ago in an out-of-sight alley, near the “Sami Frashëri” gymnasium. Founded by a generation of gamers with the purpose of seeing the next one grow, XPortal is the ideal environment for every gamer who wants a quality experience on their journey.

The upstairs deck is where the action happens. A dark, high-tech room provides entertainment to anyone who sets foot on it. If you wanna go hardcore though, you can reserve one of the private WHITE, BLACK, BLUE or RED rooms for a more exclusive experience. They’re commonly used for the gaming tournaments that take place here.

Otherwise, if you’re just trying to chill, note that this place has a very welcoming energy with a bar and a seating area at the entrance, where you can kill time playing a board game while waiting for a computer to be available. The people are just as cryptic as the games they play, but they’re not antisocial as portrayed. You are destined to make a cool new friend here.

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Ilaz Agushi 4, Prishtina

Opening Times

24 hours daily

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