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Image by Artem Kushik

AB Dambis – Pardaugava’s riverside

People, who have grown up and/or live in the Pardaugava area, especially near the Daugava river, visit the riverside quite often for a nice walk. Also the riverside is the best spot to take panoramic pictures of Riga. An interesting personal fact is that the oldest picture I have with my friends is taken here, on AB Dambis with a panoramic view of Old Town in the background.

Officially the name of this part of the riverside is AB Dambis, or “AB Bank” in English. It was built from concrete to separate the Daugava river from the dockyard more than a century ago.
Most of Riga’s Russians still call this area Коса (Kosa), which literally means sandpit, because AB Dambis used to be just sand.

A 60-meter tall flagpole was installed on AB Dambis with Latvian Flag in order to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the Republic of Latvia in 2018.

AB Dambis is a narrow 550 meter long concrete strip, which nowadays is used as a playground, park area or a great place for jogging because one lap is precisely 1100 meters, so nine laps is 10 kilometers :).

During municipal firework shows, like Independence Day, Riga City Festival or New Year’s, AB Dambis is closed because of security measures as a lot of fireworks are lit from AB Dambis and the river. After those firework shows it is very interesting to take a walk on AB Dambis, because you can find a lot of unexploded pyrotechnics.

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