Agenskalna licis Riga

Image by Artem Kushik

Agenskalna licis – The former harbour

Welcome to my neighbourhood, the so called Kliversala. One of its main attractions is the bay of Agenskalns (in Latvian Āgenskalna līcis).

A century ago the bay was a big shipping yard, but then the harbour and all related industrial establishments moved closer to the sea in the area called Vecmilgrāvis thus the industrial zone and the bay became forgotten.

When my friends and I were teenagers the bay was used only by us and almost exclusively in the winter, when it was frozen, so we could play ice hockey, the national sport of Latvia.

Now I’m grown up and the bay has become alive again, now that it is a harbour mainly for yachts and small boats. Also, there are a lot of different watersport bases located here, for example kayaking, canoeing, jet skiing, flyboarding and many others. I have tried many watersports for the first time here.

But during the winter it is still a natural ice hockey arena and a huge field for ice fishermen.

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Trijādības iela, Riga

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