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About me
I consider myself to be a city poet. With an overly impulsive compass spinning round and round, I’m discovering new lands in this world, over and over again. Always in love with every corner of this world, I seek to undress streets and yards, secrets and stories, the urban and natural parts of cities, people, sounds, smells, whispers behind locked doors.

Why Riga?
Riga is very diverse, and because of its rich and old history, and the marks it has left, it can offer quite a controversial scene for an explorer; starting with the medieval Old Town representing its glorious mercantile past as a port city through wooden manors and factory workers dormitories and on to the industrial areas, gorgeous Art Nouveau district, romantic parks with free wi-fi and the Soviet architecture.

According to the old legend, Riga will never be finished; it changes rapidly and has many surprises under its sleeve. Every time I have returned from shorter or longer travels, I have to re-discover Riga myself. The city center is lively and vibrant, but just a few streets down the block you can find rural areas with apple trees and cats freely sleeping in the sun on the gravelly roads.

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