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Martins Veidemanis (1981)

About me
Most of the time I find myself amongst grass and stars in cities, landscapes, gardens just wandering around,.. Well that’s from the romantic perspective.

Back to reality,..
You can try to find me at the Riga International airport where I am trying to make an airline work better.

I’ve lived in Riga since the year 1995. Before that I studied here as well.
Oh boy, those were the times – memories, memories,..

When a free moment hops onto my path I like to wander across streets searching for inspiration, tiny things like a forgotten shop name painted on a wrecked house, a chestnut full of blossom bending by the side street or simply for a kind of muffins that I have never tried before.

Why Riga?
Riga is a very special place for me. Even before I became one of its inhabitants, I mean, the times when my parents took me there in their car,..

I was spellbound by the architecture, interested in people passing by, while we moved forward wherever, whatever,..

Riga has that very special “beauty-spot” where I met my wife for the first time,..

A spot where the rabbits jump out of hats.

Where else can you find me online?

You can also check out my interview with Spotted by Locals here.

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