Bergs Bazaar Riga

Image by Martins Veidemanis

Bergs Bazaar – Spot of the Spots

Bergs Bazaar is a shopping arcade in Riga with a full, wide range of spots one will desire during a stroll around the city. Actually it would be possible to plan your itinerary in such a way so as to spend a full day here.

One will find a cinema, shops, a hotel, a few restaurants, cafes like Buržuja Brokastis (check the Buržuja Brokastis article), a barber shop, a fitness center, a co-working place – Birojnīca, the best map shop in Riga and more.

Bergs Bazaar is a car-free zone and that makes it a calm, romantic place, especially in the evenings and nights when the lights are on. I don’t miss the opportunity to have a walk through it whenever it’s on in my daily route.

This is also a special spot for the Spotted by Locals community, as the first article on the Riga blog was about this spot.

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Elizabetes street 83/85, Riga

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24 hours daily




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