Best local shopping spots in Riga

Riga is the city which shows its uniqueness in every step, starting from architecture and ending (continuing?) with restaurants where you can find oh-so-delicious local food. But do you know what makes this city even more idiosyncratic? The great shops with local design.

Take a sneak peek at Riga’s shopping hotspots, where locals purchase clothing, shoes, accessories and more! We are pretty sure that you’ll want to have a piece of Riga in your wardrobe as well. Our local Spotters will guide you through the city’s best local shopping spots. Let’s support local brands!


Paviljons Riga (by Evija Kristopane)

Paviljons Riga is a perfect place for devoted fashionistas. Although the store is really minimalistic, every shelf of this store is well-stocked with almost all well-known Latvian designers’ fashion brands. Shoes, socks, accessories, shirts, sweaters, dresses…in short, here you can find EVERYTHING. Our local Evija says that some brands change every season, but some pieces of clothing, such as QooQoo leggings and RĪGA shirts, are super popular amongst locals, so those pieces reappear in the store every now and then. Evija also adds that Paviljons is “a great place where you can compare works by local young talents with those made by globally known fashion designers and notice how skilled some of the Latvian artists really are.”


Riija Riga (by Linda Vecvagare)

We have a strong feeling that we have already caught your interest. We’ve just started, there is more to offer! Next stop – Riija Riga. It’s a perfectly cozy boutique shop, which offers a wide range of products that are made by Latvian designers. During the creation process they mix traditions with modernness, which makes their production more personal and intimate, but contemporary and unique at the same time. Riija offers not only pieces of clothing, but also original furniture made by local craftsmen. Our spotter Linda suggests this shop even if you are not planning to purchase anything – it’s a perfect place to simply enjoy the atmosphere of creativity and uniqueness.

Lokal House

Lokal House Riga (by Lokal House)

While Paviljons and Riija are more focused on selling local fashion brands that are devoted to clothes and accessories (or furniture!), the Lokal House concept is a bit different…Have you ever heard of longboarding? Of course you have. That’s what Lokal House Riga is all about: selling handcraft (!) longboards to their true-hearted fans. Lokal Boards is a team of designers, craftsmen and researchers that are riders themselves, so they definitely know their stuff. Our local Evija mentioned that it’s the place where you can make yourself at home: you can always come over, drink a cup of tea and have a nice chit chat with locals.

By the way, we strongly recommend you follow Lokal House on Instagram – feel the vitality of longboarding!

Humana Vintage

Humana Vintage Riga (by Linda Vecvagare)

It’s time to hit the road back to old-school Riga! Let’s head straight to Humana Vintage Riga. It’s the shop where you can find lots of used goods for reasonable prices. Everything from clothes to accessories… So be ready! Humana Vintage is divided into two floors in order to separate the women’s and men’s sections. Humana Vintage distinguishes itself from other vintage/second-hand shops through its thought-out interior. With old vinyls hanging on the walls, old-fashioned furniture and carpets on the floor, you may feel like you’re at your grandma’s house on Sunday morning. The store opens at 10:00 from Monday to Sunday, so if you want to be the first in the line to grab the coolest pair of jeans or sweater with those super awesome golden buttons, then come as early as possible!

Otrā Elpa

Otrā Elpa Riga (by Martins Veidemanis)

Last, but definitely not least on this Riga shopping hotspot list, is Otrā Elpa. This store differs from the previous spots and here is why. Otrā Elpa (which means Second Breath) is a charity shop where people donate everything from clothing to books or furniture. You can purchase whatever you want/like for a symbolic and affordable price. Eventually, all funds are donated to social projects or charity. A great and sincere way to spend your money, right? Furthermore, our local Martins suggest you visit workshops that take place at the store, for instance, how to recycle plastic bags. So, if you are searching for a peaceful and quite place to spend your afternoon, then Otrā Elpa is a must.

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