Blind dreams Riga

Image by Zaiga Braca

Blind dreams – Dinner in the dark

This spot may seem quite touristic, but I have dreamed of trying it for years. At last I gave myself this present for my name day this year.

Blind Dreams is dinner in the dark – literally. The meeting point is hotel Roma, where you’ll meet the organizers and then go on to a special place, where you have a chance to wake up your senses – taste, smell, touch. Your vision is going to sleep. 

The price for dinner is not very cheap, but I do not regret spending a single cent! The experience is amazing! For the first time in my life I understood how blind people feel. First I was a little bit clumsy, but after some time I became quite confident. Food is served by blind waiter Aleksejs, you can ask him for help at any moment. I’ve heard that in other places waiters just use night vision glasses, but Aleksejs has been blind since childhood. So nobody is watching you! At last you can eat with fingers or lick your plate in a restaurant, if you want haha :D.

After dinner we had chance to sit in the candle room (your eyes need to adjust to light gradually) and speak to Aleksejs. It was interesting to see him and compare that to how you imagined him just from hearing his voice. 

A 5 course meal costs € 70. You have to reserve your place in advance (2 days before, at least 4 persons.).

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Details about this spot



Pils iela 12, Riga

Telephone number


Opening Times

Wed -Thu 18:00 - 20:00


5 course dinner: € 70


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