Daugavgrīvas fortress Riga

Image by Martins Veidemanis

Daugavgrīvas fortress – Ruins of defence

Daugavgrīvas fortress is a historical complex of buildings in Riga. Its story begins back in the year 1608. Swedes started the construction then, till the fortress was overtaken by the Russians. They finally destroyed it in 1917 when the Red army was forced to leave our lands. That’s a bit of interpretation from the history books.

At the moment this place has no actual military life in it. Only the shadows and ghosts from its glorious past can be seen there now but still the spot gives me the shivers every time.

It’s best if visited in spring or summer but the fortress can offer some excitement in other times of the year too. It is possible to walk all over the ruins although with extra caution as there are some dangerous places without fences.

Last Summer a cosmic culture festival Komēta was held here. Organizers planed it as a – “festival without advertisements, slogans and plastic, without conveyor music and artificial trends.” I was not able to attend but many say that it was awesome. I have no reason not to believe it. Hopefully it will fulfill the runs of Daugavgrīvas fortress this year with the same energy.

Daugavgrīvas fortress is a completely different spot on Riga’s well known face. Located in a remote corner of the city it has managed to keep its innocence and some kind of wilderness. A nice place to visit if you are tired of crowded streets and touristic attractions.

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Birzes street 2, Riga

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