Fat Cat Riga

Image by Liga Lancmane

Fat Cat – A balanced diet, Marie Antoinette style

Who loves cats and eclairs? A ton of hands in the air and a big shout-out by everyone within a 100 meters radius: me!

If you are in Riga for the first time, you will probably peek inside the House of Blackheads, which is definitely the most instagrammable building in the whole city. It is worth a visit with a guided tour – learn not only about the over 600 years of solid history of the regal house, but also the whole city, since oftentimes the history of Riga was made there. A massive treat for the intellectual folk, and plenty of photos for the rest of us. 😉

When I think history, esp. history that involves monarchs, it reminds me of my favourite Marie Antoinette screening by Sofia Coppola, where the infamous queen fancies cake aplenty. In fact, she suggested the rallied up nation to eat cakes if they were in shortage of bread. Golden advice.

So, straight outta that massive mahogany door of the House of Blackeads, I would cross the town hall square past the statue of Roland and enter a little street steering towards a little boutique eclair shop – Fat Cat. It sells over 230 types of eclaires and they have fun, decadent quotes to calm your mind for this little guilty pleasure of yours. For what is a balanced diet, if not one eclair in one hand and the second in the other? Knock yourself out!

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