First Christmas Tree Riga

Image by Artem Kushik

First Christmas Tree – 1st in Riga and in the world

One of the most recent discoveries by Latvian Scientists (yes, they do exist as well) is that the first ever Christmas Tree in the world was decorated on Riga Market Square by German Traders back in 1510. This information became known to the mass audience in 2010 when Riga officially celebrated the 500th birthday of the Christmas Tree. Though still many people who live in Riga are unaware of such an important heritage.

Actually this spot is made for typical tourists on purpose, but nevertheless, as a local, I like to visit it as well, especially with “new friends”. I tell them the story and look at their reaction, when they hear that Riga is the mother and father of the Christmas tree.

The memorial plaque with information in 8 languages is built precisely on the place where the first ever Christmas tree was located. Every year Riga’s mayoral administration puts a decorated tree next to it, but still many locals and tourists miss the brown plaque on the former Market Square.

The former Market Square is located between Town Hall and the House of the Blackheads, nowadays the square’s official name is Rātslaukums (Town Hall Square).

I remember how several years ago the plaque was placed on the square. I used to pass this place twice every day, so I clearly recall how one day one builder took out a dozen bricks and shaped some concrete into an octogonal. The very next day the plaque was ready without any official ceremony :).

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