Lido Riga

Image by Artem Kushik

Lido – National food restaurant

I remember when Lido opened back in 1999, the restaurant was the subject of national pride, we, Latvians, had never before had such a huge, prestigious and at the same time affordable restaurant.

The business model of Lido was pretty simple, but unheard of for locals before that time, you could eat as much as you could for just a couple of lats ($ 3 – $ 4). An amusement park was built around the restaurant and the popularity of Lido among Rigans and Latvians altogether has grown drastically making the restaurant a favourite weekend spot for families, friends and couples.

Apparently at some point Lido held a Guinness Record for the World tallest Christmas tree, at least the Latvian media were bragging about it.

Nowadays Lido has many restaurants and entertainment complexes around the city and the country, but this one on Krasta iela is the oldest and the biggest one.

During the winter season I go often with my family to Lido to ice skate on their irregular ice skating rink, which is not circle-shaped at all.

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Details about this spot



Krasta ielā 76, Riga

Telephone number


Opening Times

11:00 - 21:00 daily


Business Lunch: € 2.85


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