Ziedoņa Dārzs Riga

Image by Sandra Klavina

Ziedoņa Dārzs – The Blooming Garden Park

It would be unbearable to live in a city that consists only of concrete-block buildings and asphalt roads. It takes a green area, at least a flower bed and a lilac tree at the corner of the housing street, to make a city feel like home. And the further away from the city centre you go, the more concrete surrounds you. Usually. At least until a green area starts again, but that might mean you have wandered outside the city border. Turn back before dark. Or not.

Slightly further away from the old town, within a desert of concrete, there is a green oasis. It is called the Blooming Garden, a park created in 1935 by locally acclaimed garden designer A. Zeidaks. Quite a treat for the fancy, modern city dwellers.

The park had become a bit dodgy over time, a gathering place for the homeless, drunkards, and criminals. However, that has changed after a major renovation project in 2016 which upholstered the old park, making it one of the most popular recreational areas in the central neighbourhood area. It has a street fitness area, a children’s playground, a fountain, a cafe that hosts live concerts in the summer season, and some good long paved roads for those who appreciate a good walk in the park.

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Aleksandra Čaka iela, Riga

Opening Times

24 hours daily


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