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Davor Mandić (1976)

About me
I’m a journalist, writer and part-time decorator and construction worker of my own living spots. It comes in handy when you move a lot and don’t have enough money to pay workers. I have published three books, in the “right” order: poetry, short story collection and novel, and now I’m working on my second short story collection and second book of poetry.

My daily job is working for the national Croatian newspaper Novi List, based in Rijeka, but my real job is observing people and writing about their hopes, dreams, unsolvable problems or secret desires. When in language, constructing and deconstructing the world in words, I feel troubled but at home. The paradox of being alive.

Why Rijeka
The emotion I have for Rijeka, the city I’ve been living in since 1996 with some breaks in our relationship, is much more complex than simple love. I’m “cured” from being connected with the blood and the soil of any place, because I consider it dangerous to hold a point of view which discards others as less worthy. So the emotions I feel for my city will probably be the most important topic of my writings here.

Where else can you find me online?

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