Burek kod Braće Rijeka

Image by Davor Mandić

Burek kod Braće – Best burek in Rijeka

It’s 5 AM and you are going home or to your apartment after a great night out and you are hungry. Of course, you want to eat healthy, fresh veggies and boiled fish. Nooot! You want burek, greasy pastry with mixed meat or cheese. There are some other kinds of burek too, but those are violent acts on the nature of burek — although Bosnians, whose national meal is burek, would give you burek (with meat) split in half and some cheese between when you order burek with cheese. Of course it’s a joke, just to make a point that for them there’s just one burek – with meat.

We in Rijeka are not so strict about it. I even prefer burek with cheese. And the sweetest one, although it’s a salty dish, is after some drinks before sleeping. At that time, your burek will be hot and fresh, because everybody goes to Braća to get burek.

Braća means Brothers and they have a very long tradition of serving hot burek to hungry and sometimes drunk people. We can even say that they have nurtured generations of Rijeka inhabitants.

I discovered them during the ’90s, at a different location, but even when they moved and obviously got bigger, they didn’t lose the touch of making a super burek. And as far as I know, since they moved, they’ve never been closed; they work around the clock, every day, so you can go there at any time and order the best burek in Rijeka.

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Details about this spot



Ulica Alda Colonnella, Rijeka

Telephone number


Opening Times

24 hours daily


Cheese burek: HRK 13


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