Harbour Bench Rijeka

Image by Davor Mandić

Harbour Bench – Enjoy the view

Once there was a town which seemed like it was made just for industry, with its factories and shipyards. And then there was the war and the famous transition and the industry collapsed. It’s the talk of an era in Rijeka, because Rijeka is that town, obviously, like I’ve mentioned in other articles, because you just can’t escape it – in almost every corner of the town there’s a reminder of the fallen industry. But with the harbour, it’s a different story.

In the old days, a large part of the harbour was pretty much closed; the breakwater, for example, wasn’t accessible. When they opened it in 2009 for the public, Rijeka’s inhabitants didn’t rush to it, like one would expect, but they slowly started to discover it, step by step. But I’m not talking about the breakwater (Molo longo); this whole intro was just to tell you the story of one particular bench which is in the eastern part of the harbour, on the street called Riva Boduli.

If you sit on it, you will have a parking lot behind your back (don’t mind the cars, just look in front of you), but you will have the most vivid view over the central part of the harbour, with its boats and yachts, and the city, which will be positioned on your right, struggling to convince its inhabitants that it’s a city by the sea. But it is, so you don’t have to be unaware of that undeniable fact.

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Ulica Riva Boduli, Rijeka

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24 hours daily
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