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Image by Davor Mandić

Maretina – Cheap but great seafood

Viškovo, which once was integrated with Rijeka and now is an independent municipality, from my point of view doesn’t have much to offer, because as a business center of the Rijeka region, it has all the bad urban things – lots of asphalt, concrete, dust and noise – but not the urban content that I desire – a theatre, a bookstore, designed layout… But it has a place that I like, a restaurant Maretina, in which you can eat fresh fish, but also buy it and cook it on your own.

The history of the place is interesting because it started as a fish market where the wife sold the fish that the husband caught. Soon there was a little frying pan, because why not fry some fresh sardines while talking to your friends and customers? And little by little this frying pan got more of its friends, cooking objects and devices; a few chairs and a little table grew to become a restaurant where you come for a nice and low-cost meal.

When in Maretina, you don’t order fancy dishes, you just go for the simple and the regular: grilled or fried fish with some cooked potatoes and mixed salad. And for starters, I recommend the octopus salad and/or mussels buzara style, a very popular cooking method in the Adriatic for when you have a great and fresh ingredient: you just shortly put it on a fire, add some garlic and parsley and enjoy the sea.

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Viškovo 24, Rijeka

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10:00 - 22:00 daily


Grilled mullet: HRK 36


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