Morski Prasac Rijeka

Image by Damir Čargonja Čarli

Morski Prasac – Beach bar

Morski Prasac (the Sea Pig), is one of many recently opened beach bars in Rijeka, but this one is one of four beach bars by the same owner, Charlie. Now I know how this sounds, like this guy is some sort of local tycoon or businessman that is driven solely by the money, but the truth is nowhere near. He’s a performance artist who once became the owner of a local famous art club, so he sort of fell into the bar business and stayed there.

One day, whenever someone writes a history of the alternative art scene in the dawn of the new Millenium in Rijeka, Charlie’s name will be quite important for its development.

Everything I said can sometimes be visible in all of his beach bars, including the first one – Morski prasac. Besides the obvious – the beach and the bar – there you will often have some sort of art or music program, and it will always be accompanied by simple food menus, such as grilled sardines with potato salad, or ćevapčići, a type of small mixed and grilled meat finger food which you eat with lots of onions and bread and pour with heavy amounts of gemišt (wine with sparkling water). Of course, gemišt is optional, but if you are willing to hear what I say, you should have it as I say it. And if you exaggerate, just go and dip the needed amount of your body into the sea to level up things.

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Pulska ulica, Rijeka

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Opening Times

08:00 - 02:00 daily


Gemišt 3 dl: HRK 18

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