Poneštrica Rijeka

Image by Valentina Botica

Poneštrica – Gallery & souvenirs

Looking for a beautiful souvenir in the form of handmade jewelry, unique cups, decorations, bags, or even paintings – all created by local artists and designers? Welcome to Poneštrica Gallery!

A beautiful little gallery/shop lies right next to Korzo. Its name means “little window” in local dialect, and it is really a window to the best, most beautiful, handcrafted art pieces. The items were created with the idea of cherishing the history and culture of Rijeka while promoting its beauty and artists.

Every time I go there, I wish I was wealthier because I want to buy everything – and it is kind of pricey. What catches my eye the most are earrings and necklaces with motifs of Rijeka on them, giving out both urban and ethno vibes at the same time. Or for example, a scrapbook, pages of which come from  various kinds of paper that have undergone a treatment (of being soaked in tea or sprinkled with coffee) to give them a sepia look.

The Poneštrica Gallery often takes part in and organizes cultural and artistic events. It is renowned in the local artistic circle and most of the artists are friends and acquaintances of the owner ladies. That is one very nice circle of talented people who create gorgeous things!

You can check some of the stuff on their webshop, but also make sure to stop by and take a peek through the “little window”.

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Details about this spot



Trg 128 brigade Hrvatske vojske 3a, Rijeka

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Opening Times

Mon - Fri 09:00 - 15:00


Earrings: HRK 100


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