Tunel Bar Rijeka

Image by Davor Mandić

Tunel Bar – Bar underneath the railroad

Are you in Rijeka and want to get some drinks in the evening, listen to contemporary music with a beat or even dance to it? You go to Tunel bar in Školjić, a part of the town which is visually defined by the railroad going some ten metres off the ground.

Not just that the railroad is going on top of the Tunel bar, the railroad is pretty active, but I’m sure you won’t hear or sense the train, because of the music and the spirits inside. In the beginning you will be able to normally talk to your friends, but as the evening start to boil, the music will be louder and you will soon find out that it’s much better to dance, or at least move like you don’t care and you are the best thing that happened to the Universe.

Even if you are the One, you can still look at the fascinating walls of the place, that at first, I’m sure, weren’t designed to host a bar/club, but some smart people reinvented them and ended up putting out one of the visually most interesting bars in Rijeka.

If you find it hot and too smoky inside, you can always exit outside, to even up your temperature, regain your breath and then go back in for the new portion of drinks and laughs, or being the One.

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Details about this spot



Školjić ulica 12, Rijeka

Opening Times

Mon - Wed 09:00 - 00:00, Thu 09:00 - 02:00, Fri 09:00 - 03:00, Sat 19:00 - 03:00


Hirter beer: HRK 18

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