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Livia Hengel (1988)

About me
I’m a half-American, half-Italian writer, dreamer and aesthete who grew up living and traveling around the world. I am passionate about photography, travel and cacio e pepe (my favorite Roman dish!).

Multiculturalism, curiosity, and art make my heart tick. I am a lifestyle and culture writer for a variety of websites and publications and am the proud author of The HUNT Guide for Rome, due out October 2016.

I’m glad to be a Spotter because I love exploring my city and finding places that are off the beaten path – I keep lists for everything from sights to restaurants to churches (Rome has 900!), slowly trying to make my way through the incredible cultural wealth around me.

Why Rome?
I was born in Rome but never had the pleasure of living here until I moved back when I was 22, giving me the unique vantage point of experiencing my birth-city (and half of my DNA) as an adult. Rome isn’t the easiest city to live in but once it has worn you down and built you back up, it’s hard to imagine living anywhere else. Between its amazing history and culture, climate, food and vistas, it is a city with so many different layers that only reveal themselves slowly over a lifetime.

Rome’s predilection for the past is what makes it so charming and authentic for travelers and locals. Although it is resistant to the modernity change that is already taking place in other European capitals, the city makes no excuses for itself and wins you over with its kindness and its chaos. It is a vivacious, endlessly mesmerizing place to live in and I can’t imagine myself anywhere else!

Where can you find me online?
Livia Hengel Photography

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