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Mirko Feliziani (1973)

About me
I’ve always been sort of a nomad: born in Switzerland, raised along the Adriatic coast, moved to Perugia and then Rome in my twenties, and have often been traveling for my job – performing arts, events and hospitality management.

Nevertheless, nothing has ever made me happier than getting back with my luggage to Dear Old Rome (and I’ve lived here since 1996!).

I’ve lived in almost every neighborhood of the city, from the periphery to the center, and anywhere I happened to reside… I always went on an enthusiastic hunt for new, charming local spots. Also, being part of an artists’ community has given me the constant opportunity to get regular, fresh updates on Theater and Art venues and other cultural events!

Why Rome?
Besides being one of the top destinations of world tourism and a huge city, I love Rome since it is a great place to explore on foot! It is still a big village with an authentic homely charm flowing along its narrow and shady alleys, suddenly opening into unexpected views of monumental, majestic architecture. Then, when you lift your eyes from the white travertine stones to stare at the blue sky through the high maritime pines, you can definitely say: this is Rome!

And what should I say about the food? It is great here and I’d never get tired of discovering new fancy restaurants or family-run “trattorias”, cafés with “aperitivo” or traditional confectioneries (for which, I admit, I have a real passion!).

Where can you find me online?

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