Dolce Maniera Rome

Image by Derek Ambrosio

Dolce Maniera – Late night pastry

If I think of some of the greatest nights I’ve had in Rome, they all have a common denominator: a cream-filled pastry at about 01:00 or 02:00 in the morning. Trust me, nothing closes a night like a “cornetto” when you are still kind of tipsy and are ready to go home but not just yet. And to top everything off, here they cost so little that you can’t feel guilty about having a second or a third one.

Dolce Maniera is a bakery open 24/7 very close to Ottaviano. Romans call this place “lo zozzo”, which literally means “the dirty”, because this place is not exactly the most well curated spot in Rome: you have to go down a flight of stairs to reach the small room occupied mainly by the counter. But here is where the magic happens: there are countless different cakes and pastries, all pretty good, with the top of the list occupied by both the croissants and the “bombe”, the Italian krapfen, a delicious, and pretty caloric, cream or chocolate-filled fried bread.

Admittedly, the service is not the kindest ever, especially if the place is packed, and this is definitely not gourmet, premium food. Do not expect the best dessert of your life. But this is exactly the answer to your late night craving and once you’ve been here once, you will want to go out nearby just so you can come back again.

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Via Barletta 27, Rome

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24 hours daily


Cornetto: € 0.30


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