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Pizzeria Serenella – Take your pizza, seriously

How original, an article about a pizza place in Rome. Well… it’s not, hands down. But the Pizzeria Serenella most definitely deserves one nonetheless. 

Actually, what we are talking about here isn’t a pizzeria in the true sense of the word, it’s a “Pizza al taglio”-place, which means you decide how much you want of every pizza displayed there, and you pay by the weight – a system you can find almost everywhere in Rome – and it’s fantastic. 

But enough of that, let’s get to the pizza-facts you really want to know; I discovered this place by pure chance, just wandered in there feeling hungry, expecting no more than the umpteenth pizza al taglio, but christ was I wrong. One of the first things to stand out was the disarming smiles and courteous people working there, right after the mouth-watering pizza creations I was about to find in front of me.

A slice with Neapolitan buffalo-mozzarella, Sicilian pachino-tomatoes and tiny anchovies from Liguria? Or would you rather go for a homemade artichoke cream with some grated pecorino cheese? Well just tell them how much of everything you want! Though the best feature about this pizza is that the dough is left to rise for over 72 hours, which makes it incredibly light and fluffy(and your stomach will thank you, too). 

You’ll find the pizzeria Serenella nearby Villa Borghese, therefore you can just take one of the many bus lines that go to Piazza Fiume, like the 360 from Termini station.

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Via Salaria 70, Rome

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08:00 - 22:00 daily


Pizza slice: € 3

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