10 Great Local Vegan Spots in Rotterdam

Rotterdam has plenty of choice for those who prefer to eat plants! In random order, here is a list of 10 of the best local vegan restaurants and spots in Rotterdam…

By Ami Urban Bistro

By Ami Urban Bistro (by Silvia Graham)

This restaurant has a vegan as a non-vegan menu, which is perfect so you can bring your non-vegan friends as well. By Ami Urban Bistro offer vegan three-course dinner menus served with vegan wine. Wait, isn’t all wine already vegan? Nope, during the general process of making wine, they usually add animal substances, but these wines don’t have any of that!


Spirit (by Spirit)

You can find this delightful treat at Spirit. Spirit has been the go-to vegan/vegetarian restaurant for over a year now. Everything you eat here is 100% plant-based and biological as well. For many people, Spirit is the local favorite.


Mangiare (by Cinthya Uribe)

Our Spotter Cinthya says Mangiare has food that makes you feel better. And as the name of the restaurant already suggests, it’s an Italian restaurant.  Every single day they use fresh vegetables as ingredients. They have a vegan menu – just ask for it!

Lot & Daan

Lot & Daan (by Silvia Graham)

Lot & Daan are very conscious of a healthy lifestyle and have a lot of vegan en vegetarian options. Here is what our Spotter had to say about the food: ‘One of my favorites is the all-day breakfast pancakes served with a red fruit and berry compote, freshly sliced fruit and grated coconut. The best part is the shaving of white chocolate and a few chocolate mini-buttons sprinkled around — not enough to make it unhealthy, but just enough to make it an indulgent treat.’


Bertmans (by Bertmans)

The menu at Bertmans is mainly vegan and vegetarian. But the way they serve their menus makes you forget about any meat at all, which is their philosophy. The interior is beautiful and they also serve the best drinks!

Mr. Salad

Mr. Salad (by Silvia Graham)

The power of Mr. Salad is its ability to find a healthy alternative for every craving without compromising on taste. They serve everyone’s needs, from vegans to vegetarians, pescatarians, and carnivores. The best thing about Mr. Salad? You can set your own salad or wrap the way you want to by choosing your own ingredients!

Flower Burger

Flower Burger (by HTSPT)

This Italian concept finally found its way to Rotterdam and it’s the first of its kind. Lucky us! These burgers taste just like regular burgers except everything is vegan. Everything? Yes, everything. From the buns to the burger to the sauce! They have biological drinks on the menu and some delicious potato wedges on the side. And to top it off: the colorful buns make your Instagram feed look great!


Foodhallen (by Silvia Graham)

Foodhallen is based in an old warehouse and implements food from all over the globe in their menus. Because the food is so diverse, there are many vegan and vegetarian options to choose from. Every corner serves its own food so you can choose to eat Indonesian, Mexican, Surinamese, American and many more. It’s safe to say the options are endless!

Gare du Nord

Gare du Nord (by Gare du Nord)

Yes, that’s right. This restaurant, Gare du Nord is an old restored and renovated train wagon. All of their food is plant-based and they try to make it as allergen-free as possible. Besides that, it’s 100% biological as they believe that everything should be pure, both for people as for nature.

Heavenly Cupcakes

Heavenly Cupcakes (by Heavenly Cupcakes)

Last but not least, we end with the dessert of course! Their motto is: ‘sweet but sugarfree’, just to give an indication of what to expect. Heavenly Cupcakes is a vegan bakery store that only uses plant-based ingredients. That means, no egg or lactose. Only sweet healthy treats!

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