5 Rotterdam Spots where Locals like to Swim

It’s almost summertime in Rotterdam, and that means we need to find spots to cool off! You can either sit in the shadow and have a nice cool drink. Or you can take off your clothes, put on a bathing suit and jump in the water. Here’s a selection of the best 5 local spots in Rotterdam where you can either get a tan or take a dip. Enjoy!

Quarantine Beach

Quarantine Beach (by Rosanne)

You might be surprised by the number of beaches you have in the ultra-urban city of Rotterdam. That’s why it may come as no surprise that most of them come with a view of the city. Quarantine Beach is one of them. Imagine looking at the busy city as people are sweating away, while you’re on the other side getting your tan on and taking a little swim! To reach the beach you can take the Aqualiner that stops at Heijplaat, from there it’s a few minutes walking.


Oostelijk Zwembad (Rotterdam Architectuur Prijs)

Not into an open swimming area like the beach? We have alternatives for you where you don’t have to worry about that. Oostelijk gives you the feeling like you’re swimming in the ’30s. This building was build in 1932 and has the aesthetics of this era. The whole building, pool, and ceiling are filled with 60 types of different tiles. Get into the pool, lay on your back and drift away as you’re enjoying the interior design.

Heemtuin Kralingse Bos

Heemtuin Kralingse Bos (by Pinterest)

This lake comes with a park and a beautiful view of the skyline of Rotterdam. Heemtuin Kralingse Bos is the perfect spot if you’re looking to get a tan or some shade. Even though it’s located in the biggest park in Rotterdam, Heemtuin gives you that perfect mix of fun and secludedness. You can even walk on a pier to jump in the water! If you’re here until the evening, you can enjoy a beautiful pink sunset.

Van Maanenbad

Van Maanenbad (by Rotterdam Zwemt)

Can’t choose between a swimming pool and getting a tan? How about both? Van Maanenbad is an 80-year-old swimming center that once won the award for best new swimming pool after it got renovated. If this doesn’t make you curious, then maybe the outdoor activities will. The outside swimming pool is located in the ‘backyard’ of the swimming center and is surrounded by a little grass field. You can make use of the outdoor gym, a football pitch and a playground! The perfect way to spend a hot summer day in Rotterdam.


Nesselande (by Jacques Lens)

Nesselande is located in the east of Rotterdam city and it takes about a 30-minute metro ride to get there. But it’s definitely worth the visit! The beach is surrounded by new architecture houses (home to many Dutch celebrities). After you have laid in the sun for quite some time, you can head over to the boulevard. At the boulevard, you have the opportunity to shop, eat and have drinks. A nice way to end your day after all that swimming and tanning!

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