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About me
Born in Rotterdam with roots from Malaysia. Growing up, I had a bit of an identity crisis. Never really felt like a Dutch girl, and after traveling in Malaysia for 6 months, did not feel like a Malaysian girl either. Now I just like to say that the world is like a desert and home is my oasis. Wherever ‘home’ might be at that moment.

Currently, I’m studying Liberal Arts and Science at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. This study really helped me create my own vision of the world. It made me appreciate Art in all its forms and I realized how everyone in the world is involved with it in some way or another. After all, ‘earth without art is just eh’, right? Now enough about me, lets talk about my city.

Why Rotterdam?
Since the last 5 years or so, Rotterdam is attracting more and more tourists than ever before. Which is pretty interesting since Rotterdam is one of the only cities in The Netherlands that had to be rebuild after the second World War.

Rotterdam has nothing old to offer in terms of architecture. It does have a lot of other things to offer, though. There is something for everyone. From hidden parks to hangout spots and vintage shops. But if you’re not from there, it might be hard to find. This is what I am here for. If you want to go to all the secret places where only the coolest local people hang out.

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