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Gisela Clarke (1984)

About me
I was born and raised in Amsterdam, studied behavioural sciences and communication there, and have always believed it to be the best city in the world. I was completely sure that I would never leave. Until I met someone who thought the same, only about…Rotterdam! So, after some serious deliberation (there is quite some rivalry going on between the two cities) I decided to take the brave step and left the city I knew so well (and where my career as a spotter began) to go on an exciting new adventure.

Moving to a new city it feels a bit like a holiday at the start. Everything is new and you see so much more when you are on unfamiliar ground. I have constantly been discovering and enjoying Rotterdam since I made the move, and I keep on discovering new things every day.

Why Rotterdam?
What I love most about Rotterdam is the space, the water, and its mix of eclectic inhabitants and all of course the delicious the food they have all brought to the city. When it comes to food you can find anything here. Every summer I am at my happiest when Rotterdam celebrates summer-carnival the South-American and Caribbean way with beautifully dressed, colourful, dancing people parading through the city, all surrounded by music, concerts, food, drinks and (if you’re lucky) plenty of sunshine. It’s my favourite day of the year!

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