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About me
Hey! I’m Isabel, I was born in 2003 and consider myself a ‘Rotterdammer’ in heart and kidneys, as we like to say over here. I’m currently in my penultimate year of theatre school, which I started in 2015 and will be finished with in 2021. After graduating, I’m planning on studying Molecular Science and Technology in Delft and Leiden. I am very very passionate about music. I probably attend way too many concerts and gigs and spend most of my free time talking about or making music. Another passion of mine is food and cooking, though I don’t spend nearly as much time eating and cooking as I’d like to 😉 I live with both of my parents, my younger brother and our dog, Drago.

Why Rotterdam
Rotterdam to me feels like a city with a story. The way people that are rooted here speak about their city always gives me goosebumps. There is so much culture and life to be found. Always something to do or somewhere to go. Dull moments are rare in Rotterdam. It’s clear to see the city was built on its remains after the bombardment. You can see the most avant-garde architecture and 17th century godowns on the same street. The different parts of the city all have their own feel and story. This diversity is what connects me to this city.

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