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José van der Plaat (1989)

About me
In my enthusiasm about writing a little bit about myself I realize time flies. Fast. Maybe too fast, who knows.

I grew up in a small village close to Rotterdam from where I moved to Breda to study, not knowing more movements would follow. After 7 years I have lived in Barcelona, Madrid, experienced the Olympics in London, travelled to remote places around the globe.

Currently I hold a job in Amsterdam but moved back to where it once began, Rotterdam. Home sweet home.

Why Rotterdam?
As a kid I could see the Rotterdam skyline from the dikes protecting my tiny village from the big river passing by. At that time the skyline consisted of 2 or 3 tall buildings. Now, several years later Rotterdam has turned into Manhattan along the Maas.

Next to impressive modern architecture, Rotterdam has a great vibe. People who take life as how it’s presented to them, no-nonsense and down to earth. Rotterdammers might come across a bit gruff, but once you dive in you won’t want to leave! Of course you should experience this vibe yourself but I’m sure you will notice it as soon as you head into Rotterdam, enjoy!

Where can you find me online?
The city can’t be discovered online, tap my shoulder if you see me walking around somewhere.

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