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Rénia Sastrowidjojo (1971)

About me
Living in Rotterdam since 1980, moved around a lot in this city so I know a great part of all the neighbourhoods in Rotterdam. I live on an island close to the centre and I’m literally surrounded by water and bridges which I love. There’s still a lot for me to explore here and that’s what I like doing.

I’m a creative person with too many interests and chronic lack of time but trying to fit it all in my life and free time. You can spot me cycling on my bike everywhere in town, trying to discover new things/places/streets and surroundings.

Why Rotterdam?
I came to live here due to the course of my life and circumstances and it’s now my town.

I think I know it pretty well as a local but I like the fact that there’s still so much more about this city that’s giving away little pieces to me at a time to find and to pass on to others.

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