Bas Bakt Rotterdam

Image by Gisela Clarke

Bas Bakt – Creamy croissants

A while ago, just before I was about to leave for a short road trip to France, me and a colleague got talking about French croissants and how delicious they are, especially the ones with cream and almonds. When I came back from my holiday I had to admit that I hadn’t had nearly as many croissants as I had planned, and even worse, I hadn’t had any with cream and almonds! This is when my colleague told me to rush over to Bas Bakt because of their special of the week: almond croissants!

So, I went early the next day and I was the first customer. However, I was there so early that the almond croissants were not prepared yet! 

I was about to order something else (no problem at all, the menu is full of delicious sweet and savoury breakfast options) when the baker (probably Bas himself) offered to put the croissants into the oven for me there and then. Yeah! So, after only a couple more minutes of waiting I had the croissant I had longed for. And it was worth the wait: warm, with a creamy filling, almonds and powder sugar on top, with a portion of red fruit on the side. The perfect breakfast!

And as I said, there are plenty more delicious options on the menu so even if you don’t like croissants (hard to imagine) this is still the perfect place for a quiet breakfast before you start your day!

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Hartmanstraat 22, Rotterdam

Opening Times

Tue - Sat 8:00 - 17:00, Sun 10:00 - 17:00


Croissant: € 1.25


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