Jouw Marktkraam Rotterdam Noord Rotterdam

Image by Maria Selkou

Jouw Marktkraam Rotterdam Noord – Hidden treasures

The double door of the second-hand store on the Zaagmolenkade does not prepare you for the long interior space that follows. Sometimes I even find this store hard to spot, as the Marktkraam is situated amongst galleries, restaurants, flower shops, and of course other vintage shops.

The atmosphere is usually like this: music plays discreetly from the vinyl player; it could be Stevie Wonder or the Beatles. It must be the passion of the owner for collecting LPs, which are carefully organised at the corner left from the entrance. The space has a soft lighting, as if the owners were trying not to disturb the objects that lie there waiting for someone to pick them up and show interest in them again. Quite often I’m that someone, and I am never disappointed by the variety and quality of cutlery, glasses, scarves, earrings, even plants! But of course there are second-hand books and vinyl records, shoes, suitcases from the time when people considered air travel a luxury… And type machines.

Anything but boring, the corridors of the Marktkraam in Rotterdam are the perfect place to get lost amongst diverse objects that tell a story. There’s also the possibility to sell your own objects. The owners are more than happy to rent out a small corner of their store to people who make art objects or simply want to give away things they do not use anymore.

Ready to discover your old-new purchase or sell things to someone who might need them?

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Details about this spot



Zaagmolenkade 117, Rotterdam

Opening Times

Wed - Fri 10:00 - 18:00, Sat 10:00 - 17:00, Sun 12:00 - 17:00


4 coffee cups: € 4


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