Kralingse Bos Rotterdam

Image by Isabel Cimbri

Kralingse Bos – My forest sanctuary

The Kralingen Bos (forest) was officially opened in 1953. Since then a bunch of recreational facilities have been added and plenty of different events take place here each year. There are several restaurants, a petting zoo, a climbing forest and a riding school. 

I often walk my dog there. Here, he has lots of space to run around and play with other dogs. I have a specific hidden spot I like to go to (pictured), but it’s rather hard to explain how to get there so do try to find it on your own.

Summertime is the perfect time to go barbecuing or even swimming in the lake that the forest surrounds. A portion of the lake consists of a small beach, another portion has benches so you can watch over the water and on the opposite side of the beach, there is a handful of sailing clubs.  

Autumn and spring are great seasons to go on long walks and to explore the forest. It looks enchanting when the leaves start to turn all types of yellow, red and orange and in the spring you might see a whole lot of wild bunnies running around. 

In winter it might get a little muddy, windy and cold. However, when it properly snows and you dress up nice and warm, it’s a beautiful sight to see. It radiates serenity. 

For cyclists, joggers and inline skaters, a main bike lane takes you all the way around the lake through the woods in about 5 kilometers.

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Langepad 35, Rotterdam

Opening Times

24 hours daily
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