Luchtsingel Rotterdam

Image by Maria Selkou

Luchtsingel – Urban parkour

The renovation of Rotterdam central station brought other domino-effect changes with it, in the way one explores the station area. And one of my favourite spots lies exactly a few meters to the east of the station. It is the yellow route called Luchtsingel which is a piece of infrastructure for pedestrians made of reclaimed wood.

Luchtsingel was designed in 2014 by ZUS architects. In my opinion this is one of the most exciting ways to explore a part of the city; a proper urban parkour. It’s constructed using yellow-painted timber elements. The colour and the aesthetics make it really distinct from its environment. Here and there you can read texts on the wall, or see basic colours like red and blue at key nodes, such as the rotonda that floats above the ground.

The yellow route starts a bit further from the old post office, on the north side of the Rotterdam Central station. An underpass leads to a parking garage and right behind it, a few steps away, a majestic series of yellow steps appears, full with people drinking their beer after work in the summer.

A sequence of beautiful and less-known views of the city have become possible because of Luchtsingel, making the viewers feel like participants on an exciting game of exploration. The playfulness of Luchtsingel comes with a message that is an inseparable part of Rotterdam’s identity: to make things happen.

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Couwenburg 68, Rotterdam

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24 hours daily




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