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Miniworld Rotterdam – Size matters

When you think of model trains, you probably think “nerds”. Actually, I am a nerd myself and even I am not overexcited by model trains. But in model trains, just like in real world, size matters, and bigger is better.

Welcome to Miniworld, where they take the concept to the extreme, cramming over 2 kilometers of rail, more than 150 trains, thousands of buildings and tens of thousands of figures into 500 square meters, re-creating a whole world on a 1:87 scale. The effect is stunning, even if you’re not a 10-year old geek. Everything is moving, the day turns into night every 24 minutes, penguins are boarding a boat, superheroes are flying around…

Wait, what? Yes, penguins. And superheroes. As if Miniworld wasn’t fun enough, the builders included dozens of funny details and hidden scenes, some real, others pure fantasy. Trying to spot all these little details is a part of the experience, making Miniworld awesome fun for kids and adults alike. When I visit, I find myself reliving what it was like to be a child, awed and inspired by the great world. But then again, I am a nerd.

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Wed - Fri 12:00 - 17:00, Sat - Sun 10:00 - 17:00


Adult: € 11.95


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