Skatepark Westblaak 2.0 Rotterdam

Image by Anne-Marie Ros

Skatepark Westblaak 2.0 – Show your skills

Skatepark Westblaak is one of the largest open-air skate parks in Holland.

A fascinating concrete landscape in the midst of a busy road, downtown. You’ll find people of all ages meeting up and spending their free time on (in-line) skates, skateboards, BMX – and kick bikes, showing off their tricks.

The 1200m2 concrete-skate-landscape is located in the middle of the West Blaak (part between Hartmansstraat and Eendrachtssingel) with a busy street on both side. 

The new skatepark is designed by a multidisciplinary designer-team, lead by Finnish skatepark- and landscape architect Janne Saario. Janne also involving some skateboarders, inliners, BMX-ers and side-kickers in the designing process. 

Saario was a professional skater himself before he turned to designing skateparks. He replaced the worn-out old stainless steel skate elements at Westblaak with concrete sets with integrated street elements such as stairs and park benches. The skatepark is a little under street level, giving people driving by in cars on both sides a good view on all what’s going on. The park re-opened in July 2016.

‘Guard’, a 3-meter high ceramic sculpture – that pairs a Transformer, Terminator, superhero and mutant -, by Hans van Benthem seems to watch over us. 

Some cool shopping tips if you’re into skating: RSI | Skatestore. Oh!, and look up in front of the Skatestore at Westblaak for the tree full of wasted sneakers!

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Skatepark Westblaak, Rotterdam

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