Smog Free Tower Rotterdam

Image by Anne-Marie Ros

Smog Free Tower – A bubble of clean air

It’s nice living in a city where we dare to dream about the unknown and find support to make dreams come true. For those who read my articles, you may know that I like writing about new initiatives in town that provoke your imagination as it reflects the energy of a city that’s in a constant mode of change.

In 2015, me and my wooll-e® partners-in-crime, supported The Smog Free Project. Developed by Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde in collaboration with expert partners ENS, Studio Roosegaarde and professor Ursem. We backed their crowd-funding campaign for a Smog Free Tower that isn’t only intended to be a final local solution for clean parks, but also a sensory experience of a clean future :).

The first 7-meter high Smog Free Tower is equipped with environmentally friendly and patented ozone free ion technology. It cleans 30,000m3 per hour – removing ultra-fine smog particles and pumping out clean air. The smog is sucked in through its top, then the purified air is released through vents on the six sides. 

The Smog Free Tower is open to the public, behind Studio Roosegaarde in the Merwe-Vierhavens area. Bring a picnic and breathe in the clean air, or go to Dakpark to relax ;).

M4H : Merwe-Vierhavens-area is transforming ‘Stadshavens’ into a (in)national site of innovative businesses in the fields of clean tech, medicιne and food. 

“The Smog Free Tower’ travelled around the world to cities including Mumbai and Beijing, but now it’s back in Rotterdam. Go and find streetart, food&drinks and art.

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Vierhavensstraat , Rotterdam

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24 hours daily



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