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Image by Anne-Marie

Susan Bijl bag – You’ll rule the world

Looking for a stylish and practical Rotterdam souvenir? The first one that comes to my mind is a Susan Bijl bag.

You’ll notice them in the streets of Rotterdam and far beyond, as Bijl’s colourful bags with its typical diagonal stripe are a must-have for many of us!

The bags are made from water repellent, long lasting, high quality 100% Ripstop nylon, the same material they use for kites. Perfect, as this material is lightweight, indestructible and easy to fold.

The iconic shopping bag
It started in 2000 when Rotterdam-based designer Susan aimed to design THE perfect bag that would make redundant all other bags.

Her first design was based on the silhouette of a generic plastic bag and is now available in three different sizes and comes in 250 colour variations.

Things change luckily, so now there’s a range of 100% Ripson Nylon products in Susan’s signature style: backpacks, pouches, protectables and rain coats.

The protectables are sleeves for your mobile devices, filled with a layer of neoprene.
The super strong Backpack with zipper can be folded into its inside pocket.
The zipper-pouch helps you to get organized.

Susan collaborates with different designers and sometimes creates limited editions.

Be a ‘Rotterdammert’
When seeing people with a Susan Bijl bag, it makes me feel connected to them somehow, especially when abroad! The same feeling I had in the days I used my recycled Freitag bag.

I’m a proud Rotterdammert, so I prefer the light-weight foldable Susan Bijl bag to replace the plastic bags.

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