The Giant of Rotterdam Rotterdam

Image by Geert Willem Aarssen

The Giant of Rotterdam – Makes you feel small

We know Rigaldus as “De Reus van Rotterdam” (The Giant of Rotterdam).

On June 6th 2011 a life-size bronze statue of Rigardus Rijnhout by artist Herman Lammers was unveiled in the park close to his old house. Parc West Kruiskade 26. Now it’s the place where people go take pictures of themselves with The Giant of Rotterdam. It will make you feel small!

He was born in 1922 in Rotterdam and climbed the same stairs as I did. He must have had a terrible life because of his size and all the complications that came with it. Rigardus died at the age of 36. He was born, raised and lived at the Gouvernestraat 2, the house with the really large door – next to Kampong Express

Not many people know why this door is so huge, but the 2.37 meters high, 230 kilos-heavy and 62 shoe size (European size) Rigardus Rijnhout once lived here. I used that very same door to enter the offices for the music venue Nighttown (later WATT and now a Chinese supermarket Orient Express). 

In Timmerhuis at Halvemaanpassage – you’ll find more work by artist Herman Lamers. He designs installations for specific areas and develops objects in commission in the public space. Check out Knot, a light sculpture above the Timmerhuis visitors’ desk, that looks like a cloud of floating pixels. On the first floor stands a bronze statue of former Mayor André van der Louw (1933 – 2005) who seems to look down on us – don’t let this freak you out ;).

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Parc next door West Kruiskade 26 , Rotterdam

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