Witte Huis Rotterdam

Image by R712 Fotografie

Witte Huis – First skycraper in Europe

It may not look high nowadays, but the Witte Huis (White House) was the first highrise building in Europe. The historical skyscraper is the eye catcher of the Oude Haven ever since it was built in 1897 and it still towers proudly over the neighboring buildings.

Eleven stories high (43 meters) this building is famous for its white brick façade and Art Nouveau style. The architects were inspired by the American skyscrapers and wanted to build a European version. Since everything is big in the United States, the height was adapted to European standards.

Miraculously, the Witte Huis survived the bombing and the prior fighting (although there are still some bullet impacts visible). Since the war it is restored numerous times. Unfortunately for us the building isn’t publicly accessible. You can only enter the café on the ground floor, where you could eat or drink something.

My favorite time to have a look at the Witte Huis is at night. During the night the building is wonderfully illuminated and you’ll understand the impact it had on people who saw this building as their first skyscraper.

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