ZoHo Rotterdam

Image by Jose van der Plaat

ZoHo – Rain barrels

As you might know already, the Dutch are quite famous when it comes to water management. Everywhere around the world, the Dutch fly in to protect the land against the rising seas. Rotterdam, located close to the sea and along the river, is one of those parts that need to be creative with water. In this case, rainwater. Fun fact; some parts of Rotterdam are located about 5 to 6 meters below sea level.

The climate is changing slowly and the Netherlands is more often then ever struck by heavy rains in a short period of time. Streets become canals, gardens are flooded and passing small tunnels might became risky. The ZoHo rain barrels, named after the Zomerhof district, are an inventive way to keep our feet dry. When it rains more then the sewers can handle, the water will come up into to the barrels placed inside the sculpture. Afterwards the barrels will empty slowly and spread the water over the garden around it. It sounds so easy.

If you would like to check out another cool way to fight the water, check out the Water Square at Benthemplein, it’s located just around the corner of the barrels.

By the way, if you’re on your way to check out this spot, also grab a beer at Eurotrash United or MONO. (check link: MONO).

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Vijverhofstraat, Rotterdam

Opening Times

24 hours daily
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