GRÜN Saint Petersburg

Image by Elena Truskova

GRÜN – Veg deli greenhouse

Sevkabel Port is the new black. It’s a summer AND winter camp for music lovers, customers, festival goers, wanderers — us! It’s pretty hard to reach from Nevsky because, well, there’s plenty of choices around Nevsky already. But it’s great to take a break from the known once in a while and to walk around the sea. Especially if there’s great veg food close to the walking place.

Grün is new (opened in 2019) and eco-friendly (you’ll find metal straws in your smoothie, not plastic ones). The chef Viktoria shares on Instagram how she picked mushrooms in the forest for the new salad… or how she found new leaves for the seasonal tea and took them to Grün.

There are several green bowls available (the sweet potato is my fav), soups, main courses. All the place is flooded with plants, they even hang from the ceiling (see their Instagram account for more pictures).

Everything inside has been touched by the owners: for example, the vintage furniture was found and carried from Finland’s second-hand stores.

Grün is trying to stick to a ‘zero waste’ concept, really rare in St. Pete.

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Details about this spot



Kozhevennaya, 40a, Saint Petersburg

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Opening Times

12:00 - 22:00 daily


Veg bowl: RUB 300

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