Mosaic Frieze Saint Petersburg

Image by Ludmila Simonova

Mosaic Frieze – Huge hidden mosaic

There are so many beautiful buildings in Petersburg! Sometimes I just have to raise my eyes to see the beauty. The main thing is to know where to look.

I live nearby and have often walked past this mosaic, but for the first time I saw it only during excursions with local enthusiast Arseny Kononov, when I looked up.

The Former Profitable House of Duke N.N. Leuchtenberg is located on Bolshaya Zelenina at number 28. On the facade, at the height of the 5th floor, there is a huge mosaic frieze consisting of five large mosaic panels. They were created in 1905 according to sketches by artist S. T. Silkova in the workshop of V. A. Frolov.

In Soviet times, V. A. Frolov supervised the mosaic workshop of the Academy of Arts. The first Soviet mosaics were created there: a frieze for V. I. Lenin’s mausoleum, a panel for several stations of the Moscow metro.

The mosaic on Zelenina is interesting because for the first time there was a landscape on the building – fields, hills, a river, city buildings, an industrial landscape with high smoking chimney stalks. The motives flow seamlessly into one another, creating a panorama.

When I look at such beauty, it’s hard for me to believe that just a century ago such beautiful houses were being built! After all, it was not a castle, not someone’s country house, but simply an apartment, of which there are many in St. Petersburg. And here – such magnificence!

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