Nelson's Court Saint Petersburg

Image by Ludmila Simonova

Nelson’s Court – Surrealistic courtyard

Once, I was walking past here and… I heard the sounds of a trumpet. I followed the sad melody and found myself in this strange, amazing courtyard. The man stood on a dais and played the trumpet; around him were piled up various bright-colored objects. It reminded me of an installation in a modern art museum. But to imagine that someone decided to do this right in his yard, in a public space, without collecting permits… It seemed to me impossible. It was like a bright splash of someone’s creative energy — stormy and lively. Having spent some time in a daze, I moved on. Later I began to look for information about this yard.

It turned out that everything I’d seen was made by the artist, poet and bard Nelson Iskandaryan. Wanting to transform the gray space, the artist collected the junk from the mezzanine, added bright colors – and now the yard’s become an object of art. Every detail, every corner, can take a long time to consider, and you will find something new every time. Children love this yard. Not all neighbors are happy… But somehow this yard has been there for 4 years now.

The paradoxical, surrealistic yard has become a center of attraction — informal excursions lead here. If you’re lucky, you will encounter the artist himself; sometimes he goes into the yard to play the guitar. Maybe he was playing the trumpet then? It’s a pity that I did not remember the face of the musician.

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Details about this spot



Ulica Polozova, 6, Saint Petersburg

Opening Times

24 hours daily


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